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Dolphins Into The Future - Swimming With The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins flac album Performer: Dolphins Into The Future
Title: Swimming With The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins
Style: Field Recording
Released: 2009
MP3 album: 1112 mb
FLAC album: 1820 mb
Rating: 4.9
Genre: Records

The rules would outlaw the presence of people within the protected area around the dolphins by swimming or using boats to intercept the dolphins, said Ann Garrett, a National Marine Fisheries Service assistant regional administrator. The prohibition would extend 2 nautical miles (4 kilometres) from island coastlines, including waters bounded by Maui, Lanai and Kahoolawe. Article continues below.

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii. Hawaiian spinner dolphins exhibit a fission-fusion society, where they fuse into large pods of hundreds as they move offshore at night to feed, then split into smaller groups to rest and socialize during the day. The tranquil, remote waters of the monument are the perfect place for these charismatic dolphins to rest and feed! (Photo: James Watt/NOAA). As such the painting features 57 dolphins, to give a feel for the huge pods they normally travel in. Every dolphin is an individual with different markings, one by one painted by hand. It’s probably my most complex painting to date.

Spinner dolphins are most commonly seen along Hawaii's shorelines. At night they swim to their feedings grounds in the deeper waters offshore and return to the shallow nearshore waters in the morning to rest. This rest behavior is characterized by swimming close together in groups, surfacing synchronously to breathe and gliding along the ocean bottom in a carpet formation. They swim in pods of between 10 to 100 dolphins. Bottlenose dolphins are larger than spinner and spotted dolphins. Adult bottlenose dolphins are 6 to 13 feet (2 to 4 m) long and weigh between 440 to 600 pounds (200 to 300 kg). They usually swim in smaller pods of up to 10 individuals.

Spinner dolphins at Ras Samadai. A pod of spinner dolphins in the Red Sea. Spinner Dolphin in the India Ocean.

People swimming with spinner dolphins may disrupt the animals’ resting time. Swimming among the dolphins in the clear waters off the Hawaiian coast has long enticed island visitors. But federal officials say it is harmful to the creatures when they are supposed to be resting and socializing, and have proposed a ban on the activity. The proposed rules, announced this week by the National Marine Fisheries Service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, would prohibit swimming with or approaching within 50 yards of Hawaiian spinner dolphins. That would end many tour group practices, which involve approaching dolphins in a boat and snorkeling in the water.

Swimming With Dolphins is an American electronica band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Austin Tofte and Owl City frontman Adam Young formed the band in 2008, later featuring vocals from Breanne Düren. The name of the band was derived, according to Tofte, from "some old Jacques Cousteau documentaries from the 80s". Though Young was never the front man or lead singer, he performed synths and programming for the act. He also served as the producer of the group.

The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are year round residents so you can expect to see them whenever you are in Hawai. unLight On Water, with Melainah, Michael and their exceptional staff, offer you the opportunity to have an experience that you will easily remember for the rest of your life – swimming with Dolphins that are wild and free in their natural habitat. With a 99% success rate of swimming with Dolphins, it is very rare that we do not find them. However, it does happen occasionally. After receiving instruction about the proper protocols for entering into the Dolphins’ world and receiving some insider tips on how to get the most out of your Dolphin swim, the moment comes when quietly and gently you ease into the water with these incredible Beings and join the Dolphin pod. It is completely safe, and a rewarding experience for the entire family. Children of all ages are welcome.


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